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Our auctions are so-called timed auctions, i.e. pure online auctions which are carried out by a computer system and not by an auctioneer. This form of auction allows you to place a bid for a lot that expires at a predetermined time. The highest bidder wins the auction. The starting price is also the lowest bid to which an object can be awarded.

A special function is the extended bidding. If a bid is placed 5 minutes before the lot expires, it is automatically extended by 5 minutes. This should prevent bids at the last second and give all participants a fair chance to submit a counterbid.

At a fixed time the auction starts to run out. As a rule, the first lot expires at 18:00. One minute later the next until all lots have expired. The exact time can be taken from each individual ticket.

If another bid is placed in the 5 minutes before this time expires, this lot is automatically extended by 5 minutes. This process is repeated until no more bids have been placed for 5 minutes. Only then is the lot firmly awarded. This is valid indefinitely.

Currently, bidding is only possible on our site.

Our site is available in the languages German and English.

If you have forgotten your password, you can have a new one sent to you via the ‘Forgot password?’ button during registration.

Yes. Unfortunately, we do not offer payment by credit card.

Yes, you commit yourself to a purchase with the registration and the highest bid. This is also stated in our general terms and conditions under point 2.

We have preset bidding steps. The next amount to be bid is always noted below the bidding input field. For possible orientation:


from 50€ to 200€ in 10€ steps

from 200€ to 300€ in 20€ steps

from 300€ to 450€ in 30€ steps

from 450€ to 1000€ in 50€ steps

from 1000€ to 2000€ in 100€ steps

from 2000€ to 3000€ in 200€ steps

from 3000€ to 4500€ in 300€ steps

from 4500€ to 10000€ in 500€ steps

from 10000€ to 30000€ in 1000€ steps

from 30000€ to 100000€ in 2000€ steps

from 100000€ to 1000000 in 5000€ steps

You can place a maximum bid for a lot. This is automatically used by the bidding system to bid for you without you having to do anything else.

If there are no previous bids, your bid will start with the starting price. In the case of a counterbid, the system automatically increases your bid by one bidding step to the other bid.

Your maximum bid can neither be seen by other customers, nor by us as auctioneer. You can therefore place a maximum bid without any worries and do not have to intervene yourself at every single step.

No. The starting price is the lowest amount that can be bid. If you enter a too low amount, you get the error message “Please place your bid on or above the current bid: €XXX”.

You will automatically receive an e-mail from us informing you that you have been outbid. You can also view the status of your current bids in the menu on the right under ‘My auctions’. You will also see on the bidding page that you are no longer the highest bidder.

To increase your maximum bid, go to ‘My auctions’ in the menu on the top right. There you will see an overview of your bids. To increase this, enter your bid in the box next to the lot and confirm it.

No, it is not possible to bid against yourself. If you increase your maximum bid, there is no danger of raising your bid yourself.

You can cancel your bid by e-mail to us up to two hours before the first lot expires. However, you cannot cancel more than 2 bids per auction.

There is no bid limit for our online auctions.

At the end of the auction, you will receive an automatic e-mail from us if you have won a bid. If you have been outbid in advance, you will also be informed by e-mail.

If you are unsure whether you have won a bid, you can also look it up under ‘My Arttrade’. Here you will find all your purchases with the highest bid listed.

Yes, but only if the lot was not sold in the auction and is offered in the post-auction sale. Please contact us directly for this.

We will send you an invoice by e-mail within 48 hours of the auction. Please note that there may be delays due to weekends and public holidays.

After receiving the invoice, you can choose between the payment options of bank transfer and prepayment.

You will find information on the terms of payment in our General Terms and Conditions under section 5.4.

We don’t accept creditcards.

Our shipping costs can be found in our General Terms and Conditions under 5. Terms of Delivery and Payment as well as our payment methods in the footer of the homepage.

A personal pick up is currently not possible. If you have any questions regarding pick-up and shipping, we are also available personally.

You have the right to revoke your purchase within fourteen days without giving reasons. The revocation period is fourteen days from the day on which you or a third party named by you who is not the carrier who has taken possession of the works or has taken possession of them. In order to

exercise your right of revocation, you must send us the revocation form (e.g. by post or e-mail). Please take the form from our footnotes on the homepage.