Do you want to achieve a high price for your artwork or collection? We would be delighted to help you. Have works of art estimated free of charge, receive an offer, deliver them on a commission basis and have them sold by surcharge. Arttrade Sperling is looking forward to your inquiry.


Would you like to have your artwork offered at a fixed price? We are happy to offer you the platform and the professional advisory and presentation services. Have your artwork appraised free of charge, receive an offer, submit it on a commission basis and sell it at a secure fixed price in the Arttrade Artshop.

Private Sale

Do you want to sell your artwork or your collection discreetly and know that it is in good hands? We would be very pleased to help you and search our large network for the right buyer. Simply let us estimate works of art free of charge, receive a personal offer. We create a professional presentation for you and look for the suitable collector.


Do you want to present your collection or your works of art? We offer not only collectors, but also artists a presentation room in our offices, which will be opened in the new year 2019. Arttrade Sperling will be happy to assist you with an assessment, organisation, curating and sales.