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Sven Hoffmann (1965), Collecting Liquid Memories, 2019.


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Stele with Aqua Globalis bottle, sandblasted, filled with water from the region indicated on the bottle, 20 x 20 x 100 cm.

Provenance: Directly from the artist’s studio, Berlin.


Signed and numbered, one of 7 copies.

Condition: Very good condition.

Exhibition: Aqua Globalis – Collecting Liquid Memories, 30 September 2019 until 27 October 2019; Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedaechtnis-Kirche Berlin for the water themed exhibition for the month of October 2019.

As part of his entire Aqua Globalis project, Sven Hoffmann has begun to bring with him not only the images of his favourite element, water, from his travels, but also the liquid itself. And what is the best way to transport water? Exactly, in bottles. The idea came to Hoffmann with the project “Collecting liquid memories” – these waters will no longer exist in the near future. An ode to the past and transience, a final message in a bottle, so to speak. But Hoffmann was quick to see that bottled water has potential for the future. That’s why there will also be flat collections with new projects and new water. Whether it’s water from wells, which is first obtained through Hoffmann’s charitable projects, or from pools or from one of the world’s oceans. Anything goes. However, a formal framework must not be lacking: Hoffmann fills 750ml of water in 7 bottles – the mysticism of the 7 Seas comes through again – and cork them up. The bottles are numbered individually, from 001 to 007, the name Aqua Globalis is engraved. Thus high-quality, strictly limited editions for collectors are created, in which Hoffmann does not let the spirit out of the bottle, but into it.


Born in 1965 in Koblenz, Sven Hoffmann studied sports at the Free University of Berlin from 1985 to 1989, and from 1986 to 1992 also photography at the Hochschule der Künste. He then lectured at universities in Berlin, Nuremberg and Finland. Already during his studies Hoffmann concentrated on the subject of water. Starting from the depiction of the element, he expanded his artistic exploration to ecological, economic, and social aspects and initiated the Aqua Globalis project in 2012. Sven Hoffmann lives and works in Berlin.

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Sven Hoffmann (1965)


Stele with Aqua Globalis bottle, sandblasted, filled with water

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