Timm Ulrichs (1940), Ich kann keine Kunst mehr sehen! 1975/2002/2011.


Vat Incl.

Poster: Offset print in colors on cardboard, 84,1 x 59,4 cm, sheet-sized. Very good condition.

Provenance: Private collection Berlin.



Published in the Artikel Edition, Berlin, 2002, 2 edition 2011.

Condition: Very good condition.


The German artist Timm Ulrichs attracted attention in the early 1960s when he declared himself the “first living work of art”. He radically expanded the concept of art into what he calls “total art”. With his interdisciplinary works, which can be conceptual, performative, sculptural, photographic, body art or text-based, he connects his life and body with art. He likes to play humorously with ambiguities. Timm Ulrichs, who held a professorship for sculpture and total art at the art academy in Münster from 1972 to 2005, now lives and works in Hanover and Berlin.

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Timm Ulrichs (1940)


offset print, poster


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